7-Day Challenge – Daily Self Check-In – Day 2

This is day 2 of the daily self check-in we’re doing this entire week. I’m here to help you remember to check in with yourself, both physically & mentally, to see how you’re feeling today and to assess what you need to do for yourself so you can be more mindful, healthy and happy. 

⁠So stop what you’re doing right now, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, how am I? How do I feel? What do I need? ⁠

⁠Today’s mindfulness tip is to breath it out! Deep breathing is the most underrated stress & anxiety reliever of all time, lol 😂 and it works so well. I’d love for you to try this right now. If you can’t do it right now save this post and come back to it later. I promise it will make you feel better. ⁠

⁠Just do 3 quick breaths and then you can carry on with your day. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth…⁠

⁠Inhale, exhale…⁠
Inhale, exhale…⁠
One more time, Inhale, exhale.⁠

⁠That’s it, it’s that simple. I’ll see you tomorrow, I hope you’re having a good day.

For the entire month of May I am offering new clients the opportunity to pay what you can for virtual coaching sessions in meditation, mindfulness, breathwork & yoga. Now more than ever we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves both physically & mentally. I’d love to help you through this incredibly hard time. You can sign up for your FREE consultation below. Be well & take care of each other ❤️

Book a session today! You may fill out our contact form, call us at 323-849-0039 or shoot us an email jenna@yoginest.com

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Yoga teacher in Los Angeles. Trying to change the lives of people around me.

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