*These lessons can be one-on-one, small group, large group or special event. Props for up to two people will be provided.  

Work-life balance – The concept that we can find proper balance between work and our lifestyle; health, pleasure and leisure.

YogiNest understands how hard it can be to find this balance, which is why we make it easier by coming to you. We will utilize a space that your company already has, like a large office, media room, common space, lunch room or even a boardroom. Sessions can be one-on-one, small group, large group or special event. Each session will be taught in either 30, 60 or 90 minute increments and at any level. We also offer speciality classes like, Therapeutic/Restorative, Injury Management & Prevention, Chronic/Terminal illness, Yoga for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression as well as Yoga for Addiction.

Why yoga at work?

There are many benefits to yoga but we all have so many other commitments, like our careers, friends, family and more. By allowing us to come to you, travel time is cut out entirely and it’s all based on your schedule, not the schedule a studio has set for you. Isn’t it about time you added some “me time” to your list of commitments?

How can yoga help your employees?

Yoga reduces stress, anxiety, depression and tension in the body, it increases your energy level and mood. If you sit at a desk for 8 or more hours a day you can experience back pain, tight muscles, reduced flexibility, headaches, body aches, depression, lack of motivation, anxiety, fatigue, and I’ll bet you’re sick more often than you’d like. Yoga can counteract all of these problems. It allows you to stay fit on a tight schedule. It improves focus, concentration and even your level of motivation. You will be a healthier and happier version of you.

How can yoga benefit your company?

A happy employee is a productive employee. Stress in the office will be reduced and when the stress level goes down so does stress-related illness. Employees will need less sick time and due to the other medical benefits from yoga health care costs will be reduced as well. Yoga improves concentration which will have a positive effect on decision-making skills and the ability to multi-task. A happy employee is a long-term employee, you will see less turnover and word will get around that this is a desireable place to work and potential employees will seek your company out for employment. Work will be fun for you and your employees, productivity will increase and the cost of health care and paid sick time will decrease.

How it works

  • Schedule – We’re here to make your life easier. Schedule your corporate yoga sessions at any time of the day, before work, during office hours, lunch breaks or after work.
  • Levels – All levels are accepted.
  • Group Sizes – If a one-on-one session is more appealing to you then you’ll schedule a private session. Small group, large group, and special event sessions are offered as well.
  • The Space – We will utilize a space that you already have. Students will need room for a yoga mat or office chair and enough room to move around without disrupting others. A quiet space is preferred.
  • Yoga Styles – We offer a variety of yoga styles. Classes can be quiet and restorative, energizing and fast-paced, educational, meditative, breathing exercises, stretching, chair yoga, beginner or advanced or themed to fit the personality of your business and it’s employees.  
  • Clothes – This will be determined by the class itself. If the schedule calls for chair yoga your office clothes will suffice. If it’s an advanced flow class yoga attire is required. You will be provided the clothing options along with the date, time, level and type of class that will take place. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle.


  • Plan Options – We offer a variety of options. You may pay as you go, invest in packages or a one time special event.
  • Who Pays?
    • 100% paid by employer
    • 100% paid by employee
    • Cost Sharing: % paid by employer and a % paid by employee

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