40 million Americans age 12 and over meet the clinical criteria for addiction. The cost to our nation is about $700 billiondollars annually[x]. Some addicts may be genetically vulnerable to developing this disorder. Some may have deficiencies in their brain’s reward system. Depression, anxiety, stress and poor self-image can contribute as well. Whatever the cause may be, not one of you should have to suffer another day, week, month or year. Each and every single one of you has the power to overcome this crippling disorder and wellness practices can help.

12-step programs are invaluable and crucial to the process of recovery but they are missing 3 important steps; body, breath and diet. Wellness practices can complement the 12-step program and address what has been left out. Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation can help support your complete transformation. Addiction affects your endocrine & nervous system and puts you in a constant state of fight-or-flight. You could be sober but still living in the residuals of negative energy, physical pain or disease, stress and self-doubt.

YogiNest provides a safe place for you to relax with your emotional and physical body. Wellness techniques like detoxifying yoga poses, breath control, restorative therapies, as well as mindfulness and meditation, to name a few, are highly effective interventions. Think of practicing a difficult yoga pose and compare it to dealing with a challenging life situation. You commit to the pose, connect with your breath, and breath deeply through the pose; connecting to and returning to the present moment, until it’s passed and you’re in another pose. In working through the pose you learn precious problem solving skills like recognizing the problem, sitting with it, and then watching it wash over you like a wave. This practice gives you the opportunity to pause and consider your next steps before making destructive choices, such as relapse. It opens your mind and connects you to your body which releases you from becoming a prisoner to your thoughts and pain.

Instead of searching for a way to escape, which is the most common reason for substance abuse, wellness practices empower you to find an inner state of mind, body and soul. For the first time in a long time you’ll be able to access a peaceful, self-forgiving, and self-accepting mind frame. This will allow negative emotions and cravings to enter the mind and be observed, but this time you’ll work through it. This time your negative emotions and craving won’t win. For the first time in a long time, the feeling will pass.

YogiNest invites your loved ones to join as well. This experience can be equally as challenging for you as it can be for them. Our loved ones are affected by our actions and can take on our pain and struggles; causing stress, anxiety and depression. Group sessions can help them find inner peace, endurance and solace as well.

YogiNest Techniques

  • Poses that are detoxifying, restorative, strengthening, require focus and alignment
  • Breathing techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Journal writing exercises
  • Classes with loved ones

How Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Can Help

  • Build inner strength
  • Learn self-acceptance & self-forgiveness
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Regulates and balances stress hormones like GABA, adrenaline and cortisol which are associated with anxiety, depression, PTSD and substance abuse
  • Calming and grounding

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