Breathwork 101

What is breathwork? In this quick video I share a brief description of what breathwork is, why I love it, and how it can change your life. You can reduce stress & anxiety in a minute or less with simple breathwork exercises. Stay tuned for my top 3 breathing exercises over the next few weeks … Continue reading Breathwork 101

4-4 Breathing Exercise

This is breathing technique #1 of the breathing series we’re doing over the next few weeks. It’s called 4-4 Breathing. You’ll be inhaling & exhaling, both for the count of 4. This is the 1st technique I teach new clients. It’s easy, quick to learn & you can do it anywhere. It’s great for beginners … Continue reading 4-4 Breathing Exercise

Daring to be Vulnerable

YogiNest is about to get REAL! If you couldn’t tell already YogiNest has gone through some major changes in 2020. There’s a good reason for that. That reason is me & my responsibility to share my story. I’ve learned so much since I started YogiNest. One of those things is that people are hiding their … Continue reading Daring to be Vulnerable