Seasonal Affective Disorder

The fall & winter months can be emotionally challenging for a lot of reasons. 2020 has added additional stress, anxiety, uncertainty, sadness, hopelessness, & more. There are no easy solutions to these things, & your emotions are valid & deserve the respect & attention they need, but it’s also imperative to find ways to move … Continue reading Seasonal Affective Disorder

Listen To Your Body

How often do you get quiet enough to truly listen to the signs your body is sending you?  A great example is eating something that upsets your stomach over & over & over again…guilty 👋🏽 The upset tummy is the message!!! That’s just one example, but our bodies send us thousands, millions of messages all … Continue reading Listen To Your Body


S = Stop⁠⠀ T = Take a breath⁠⠀ O = Observe⁠⠀ P = Proceed⁠⠀ ⁠Anytime you start to feel stress or anxiety creep up use the acronym, STOP!!!⁠⠀ ⁠Stop! Take a nice deep inhale through the nose. Notice how the air is cool as it enters the nostrils. Now take a nice long exhale out … Continue reading S.T.O.P

Rest & Recover

Rest is SO SO SO important. If I could workout 7 days a week I would BUT because I am a good yogi I allow myself one down day per week (typically Sunday), and one restorative day per week (typically mid-week, like Wednesday). Listen to your body! It will always tell you what it needs, … Continue reading Rest & Recover