My pandemic do’s & don’ts… What are yours?

In addition to limiting the amount of negative news I digest & keeping track of what I’m grateful for, I’m also keeping a list of promises I’ve made to myself during this challenging time. I look at this list EVERY DAY! It’s there to remind me what my do’s & don’ts are while traversing the ups & downs of this pandemic. What do’s & don’ts have you implemented to keep yourself physically & mentally healthy during COVID? Let me know in the comments👇🏽Here’s my list ❤️⁠⠀
👍🏽 Move your body for a minimum of 10 minutes per day⁠⠀
👍🏽 Continue to eat healthy⁠⠀
👍🏽Stay in touch with friends & family – Especially those who are living alone⁠⠀
👍🏽 At least 1 mindfulness exercise per day for a minimum of 10 minutes – Breathwork, meditation, etc.⁠⠀
👍🏽 Keep your brain active; read, puzzles, draw, play games, etc.⁠⠀
👍🏽 Brain dump every morning & every night before you go to bed – This is basically just stream of conscious writing in my journal – I set a timer for 3-5 minutes depending on how much time I have and I don’t stop waiting until the timer goes off⁠⠀
👍🏽 Get ready @ least 3 days per week – I do my hair and makeup like I’m going out & it feels SO good! It’s all about mindset!⁠⠀
👍🏽 Get outside!⁠⠀
👍🏽 Think about what you’re most looking forward to when this is over ⁠⠀
🚫 Over do it with news⁠⠀
🚫 Get lazy⁠⠀
🚫 Forget there are ways to be social without being physically social – Houseparty, Zoom, etc.⁠⠀
🚫 Eat like crap ⁠⠀
🚫 Find yourself in a web of complaints & feeling sorry for yourself. You’re luckier than most! ⁠⠀
🚫 But also, don’t shove your feelings down either – It’s okay to not be okay – Just don’t allow yourself to live there for too long⁠⠀
🚫 Forget about your practice – Continue to do yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness ⁠⠀
🚫 Focus only on the bad things that are happening⁠⠀
🚫 Develop bad habits – Mainly don’t be a couch potato⁠⠀
🚫 Smother your boyfriend or your pets, lol :)⁠

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Valentine’s Day

This is not your typical Valentine’s Day post. I don’t want to talk about romantic dinners, flowers & gifts, rather I’d like to discuss how you’re taking care of yourself & the ones you love & not just today but all year long. Love is awesome, but the way we see love presented to us on Instagram, in movies or TV shows & in advertisements may not resonate with us. It’s being shown to us through filters, lots of them. What does love look like to you? Love does not have race or sexual identity & it doesn’t need to be expensive or material at all. It doesn’t need to be screamed from rooftops, or posted on social media to be real. You can celebrate love for yourself, a significant other, friendships, pets, a stranger, it’s boundless. I’m asking you today, to shatter whatever preconceived notion you have about love & Valentine’s Day & extend whatever your TRUE definition of love is to everyone, including yourself! Take yourself to dinner, or don’t go anywhere & take a bath instead, read a book, whatever feels good to you. Let go of old losses, loves & pain. This is self-love too. Letting go of the past & embracing what the future has in store for you. Hang out with friends & show them how grateful you are for them. Play with your kids & pets, shower them with love. Spend the day with a family member, laugh & have fun. Take time to remember those who are no longer with you, tell their story, let it bring you warmth knowing you were lucky enough to have ever had them in your life. Smile at a stranger, open the door for them, compliment them. Even if they don’t reciprocate or say thank you, these small gestures could change the course of their entire day, you never know what someone else is going through. Of course if there is a special someone in your life celebrate them, but not because it’s Valentine’s Day, because you love them & enjoy spending quality time with them. Love who you love, how you love, and F everything else. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, only how it makes you feel, only how you make others feel & the impact you have on their lives, today & every day. Okay, I’ve said my piece. I hope you have a great day & an awesome weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Victims Of The Past

Victims of the past. How often are we actually living in the past vs. the present? I’m guilty, I know I am. I work very hard to take from the past what I need to be a stronger, wiser, better person, and let all the rest go. I try to let all of the things that are no longer serving me disappear from sight. This is so much easier said than done.

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Things that drive me crazy; Part 1: Labels

Wanna know what drives me batty??? LABELS!!!

Here are some things I often hear:

Why do you wear so much black? How can you be a yoga teacher and wear so much black? Are you unhappy?

You don’t eat meat or dairy? Are you healthy? Where do you get your protein?

You’re how old and you’re not married and you don’t have kids? Aren’t you worried your window might be closing?

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