Cheers to 5 Years

✨ Thankful | Grateful | Humbled ✨

Today YogiNest celebrates 5 years and I woke up flooded with emotion. 

I remember the journey that brought me here like it was yesterday, I mean how could I forget. I remember doctors telling me it was time to put me on permanent disability. Lupus was completely ravaging my body and all of my dreams. I had to drop out of college and I lost my job. I lived in hospitals and was drowning in medical debt. Little did I know that my rock bottom would also be my greatest blessing 🙌🏽

After years of hard work I put myself in remission and decided to start my own business. I felt an urgent need to share what I learned about meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and how it played a major role in my healing journey. Maybe this complementary, integrative, alternative, and holistic practice could help others the way it helped me.

I dove headfirst, taught myself everything I needed to know about starting and owning a business, marketing, advertising, taxes, bookkeeping, finances, graphic design, editing, recording, you name it 😂 I went door to door and built relationships in my community and one day I booked my first client 😭

Owning a business is no walk in the park. I’ve shed a lot of tears over the years, but I’ve grown immensely as a person. I’ve gained priceless knowledge about business, people, success, loss, life, risk, perseverance, community, wellness, the list is endless. I’ve met incredible people, business owners, and clients who have become like family. 

No matter what happens for us in the future I know this for sure, I will never regret starting this journey! I will never forget the people I’ve met along the way and all the valuable lessons I’ve learned.

I want to thank all of my clients over the last 5 years, I am forever grateful. I want to thank everyone in my life who believed in me and pushed me to not only get started but to keep going when I’ve wanted to give up. I want to give a special thank you to @npalrecha ❤️ Where do I even start! I could not have done this without you. Thank you for believing in me ALWAYS & NO MATTER WHAT! Thank you for never letting me give up on myself.

My heart is full ❤️ Thank you!

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A Gift For The Givers


This year for the holidays YogiNest would like to offer a gift for the givers. When you purchase a single coaching session or package for someone you love we will gift 1 FREE coaching session to be redeemed by you! When you give, you get 🙌🏽❤️  

All new clients will also receive 1 FREE consultation. 

All you have to do is follow this link and mention the code YNXMAS2020 in the comments section and someone will reach out to you to help you purchase your coaching gift and redeem your FREE consultation & FREE coaching session.

We provide alternative & holistic solutions to help you cope with life’s everyday challenges. Sessions combine yogic mindful movement and mindfulness techniques that can help you build resilience, heal, grow & transform your life. YogiNest provides a safe space for self-improvement & personal development. We’re here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals and we can’t wait to meet you!

✨ Offer ends 12/25/2020 ✨

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Black Friday 2020


⁠From now until the 27th YogiNest will be offering the following BLACK FRIDAY SALE👇🏽⁠

⁠🖤 50% off 1 coaching session⁠
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⁠We provide integrative & alternative solutions to help you cope with life’s everyday challenges. Mental wellness & mindful movement can help you build resilience, grow & flourish. YogiNest provides a safe space for self-improvement & personal development. 

All new clients will also receive a FREE 60-minute consultation prior to their first session.

Follow the link below and use the code YNBF2020 in the comments section and someone will reach out ASAP to help you redeem your code and book your session(s).⁠

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Listen To Your Body

How often do you get quiet enough to truly listen to the signs your body is sending you? 

A great example is eating something that upsets your stomach over & over & over again…guilty 👋🏽 The upset tummy is the message!!! That’s just one example, but our bodies send us thousands, millions of messages all the time…begging us to slow down, eat, get more sleep, exercise, eat better, manage our stress levels, etc.

I learned a very hard lesson when I got diagnosed with Lupus. Your body will go to great lengths to get your attention if you won’t listen to all the little cues along the way. 

I had SO many issues before I finally fell flat on my face with a chronic disease that currently has no cure. I wish I knew then what I know now…

On Tuesday I posted about carving out just 3 minutes per day to focus on your physical and/or mental health, this is how I began my journey to remission. Not joking! 

I would set a timer to go off every day & for 3 minutes I would get quiet enough to reflect on how I was feeling that day & what I thought I needed more and/or less of. My 3 minutes started with journaling. Do not underestimate this technique, it was my daily journals that revealed a pattern in my symptoms & that documented pattern lead my doctor to the tests that ultimately determined that Lupus was causing 90% of my health issues.

Once diagnosed I bought 75 books on autoimmune diseases & got to work 🤪 To this day I still set a timer to go off every day but I spend more time focusing on my physical/mental health now. I started by bumping it up to 10-15 minutes, then 20-30, some days I’m even able to squeeze in a solid 60 min. The more important thing was that I was creating a healthy daily habit filled with all sorts of modalities that were making me better. 

Some days 3 minutes is truly all you’ll have, some days you’ll get a solid 60 minutes & that’s awesome, but what truly matters is that you dedicate time to take care of YOURSELF, every day! 

It took me 3 years to put myself into remission…but I AM IN REMISSION! How cool is that! It took time & dedication but I did it & so can you! 

Take care of yourself, today, tomorrow & every day!

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Mindful Movement & Yoga – Tip #1 – Explore

Think about exercise like dating…⁠



I used to force myself to move my body in ways that did not feel good physically or emotionally. I did it because a friend did it and loved it and said I would too. I did it because it was the new thing. I did it because it was working for other people, but just like dating what works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for someone else.

So I started to explore LOTS of different options; yoga, pilates, cycling, weight-lifting, running, brisk walking, etc. etc. 

All this exploring lead to a healthy & harmonious relationship between moving my body in a way that felt physically good AND made me emotionally happy. 

BONUS…because I was happy, my body felt good, and I was seeing results I stuck with it! I wanted to work out, okay not all the time, but definitely more often than when I was forcing my aching Lupus joints to run in the blazing sun (two things that are typically big no-nos for people with Lupus) 😫 I looked forward to it because it was the right relationship for me. 

Instead of comparing my exercise experience with those around me, I stopped to ask myself what I wanted. I took some time to determine what I was looking for in the relationship. I was clear about what my goals were, how I wanted it to make me feel, how far I was willing to push myself to get there, and where my boundaries were. 

My advice for you is to make a list of types of exercises that seem interesting to you and then try them on for size. Ditch the ones that either don’t feel good in your physical body or leave you feeling bored, stressed, or anxious. The ones that feel good, excite you, stimulate you, and eventually lead to the results you were looking for are gold 👍🏽

Step 1: Find what feels good for YOU ❤️

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Movement Is Healing

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.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #itsmorethanyoga⁠ ✨Movement is HEALING✨⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ Inhale…⁠ Exhale…⁠ Inhale…⁠ Exhale…⁠ ⁠ I move my body on my inhales & exhales.⁠ Over and over.⁠ A beautiful dance between movement & life-giving breath.⁠ I breathe, I move, I breathe, I move.⁠ ⁠ As I do this I feel stress, tension & pain release from my muscles. ⁠ ⁠ When I breathe like this my body produces dopamine. I feel calmer, lighter & happier. ⁠ ⁠ When I move like this my body produces endorphins. Any physical pain I’m storing in my body begins to subside. My mood is boosted. I feel strong. I feel a release. I feel relaxed. I feel well.⁠ ⁠ I breathe, I move; I feel stress, & tension melt away. ⁠ ⁠ I breathe, I move; I'm gentle with whatever feelings, thoughts, and emotions are gripping me.⁠ ⁠ I breathe, I move; I allow feelings to come and go as they please, with no judgment. I am accepting of who I am in this moment. The good and the “bad.” ⁠ ⁠ I breathe, I move; I cry if I need to.⁠ ⁠ I breathe, I move; I close my eyes if it feels safe, or leave them open and allow my gaze to be gentle.⁠ ⁠ I breathe, I move; I watch my thoughts pass by, like scenes in a movie. I notice them, but don’t obsess over them, I simply let them pass. It’s just information about who I am today. What I need, what I need to process, or what I need to let go of.⁠ ⁠ I breathe, I move; I heal in bite-sized pieces, but I heal nonetheless. ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #itsmorethanyoga⁠ Movement is HEALING

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