Sutras / Philosophy

What is yoga? Is it a way to stay in shape? Does it help us become more limber? Does it get us on the cover of Yoga Journal and make us famous? Is it a great pair of Lululemon pants? Is it a way to get healthy and become a happier person? Sure, it could be all of these things, but it is also so much more. Yoga philosophy is fascinating and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the ultimate guide to the complete science of yoga and a teacher of personal growth for the well-being of all. A paragraph from the book itself describes the ultimate goal of the sutras themselves, “It’s ultimate aim is to bring about a thorough metamorphosis of the individual who practices it sincerely. It’s goal is nothing less than the total transformation of a seemingly limited physical, mental and emotional person into a fully illuminated, thoroughly harmonized and perfected being – from an individual with likes and dislikes, pains and pleasures, successes and failures, to a sage of permanent peace, joy and selfless dedication to the entire creation.”  Fantastic, isn’t it?

No matter what our story might have been or currently is, we have the power to change it. Each of us can grow a little everyday. We can broaden our horizons of life, grow to be a little less selfish and have more control over our actions and the impact that they have on ourselves as well as the world around us. Acting as a guide and inspiration to begin the practice of yoga the sutras teach us complete mastery over our own minds which I believe is an essential tool in our growth as human beings.