“Jenna is an absolutely gifted human being. She is kind, patient, understanding and also not afraid to push you to your full potential. I have never had the patience for yoga as my mind always runs like crazy. Jenna has taught me to focus and to do things I never thought my body was capable of and now I’m a yoga addict! I encourage you to be brave and bold and check out how killer this chick is…I’m so happy I did!”

– Cesca F.

“I had surgery on my neck 2 years ago and Jenna has been immensely helpful in getting back my full range of motion. She is kind, thoughtful and extremely knowledgable. I always feel comfortable working with her. She is challenging, but also realistic to be abilities and pushes me just enough.”

– Keara S.

“Throughout my life I have been training to be a professional dancer and make it a full time career. A few years ago I suffered from one of many lower back injuries and my chiropractor told me I could no longer dance professional due to a lower sciatica back issue. After that happened I went through physical therapy to help re-strengthen my back, and would stretch here and there.  Time has gone by, I have lacked on strengthening my back and putting effort into any types of yoga. Its not till recently Jenna came into my life and has introduced the art of Yoga and to help me get rid of my re-occuring pains. Not only is Jenna a humble and good hearted human being, she is very knowledge, intuitive, patient and helpful.  Her beautiful  energy makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and ready for life.  I am excited for the yoga journey ahead with this lovely lady and i know that my back problems will no longer be an issue, All thanks to Jenna!”

– Jessica C

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