YogiNest’s Mission

Turning Challenges Into Strengths & Opportunities

YogiNest was fashioned from the heart. It’s foundation was built from my personal experience of living with a challenging disease. There is a sense of magic behind yoga. It became the most powerful tool in my life and it still is today. I grew from working with mentors on a one-on-one basis and then took that information into public studios and my home in order to have a safe and educated personal yoga practice. To this day I still work with a private mentor, to me it’s an invaluable experience. This is the experience that I wish for every single one of you as we design and work through a program that fits you like a glove.

YogiNest’s specialty is that one-on-one experience. My number one goal is to work with the challenges that we are all faced with throughout our lives and transform them into our best allies. Whether you’re overweight, have a chronic or terminal illness, are struggling with PTSD or a drug/alcohol addiction, anxiety and or depression, yoga can help you. In some way, shape or form you can become a better version of you. It’s all about looking inside, realizing your power, why you’ve been faced with the challenges that have been put in your path and learn how to turn them into your biggest strengths instead of obstacles or weaknesses.

Our focus is you and only you. As we create a program tailor-made for you, our objective is to help you achieve your personal goals. This setting allows you the opportunity to focus on yourself and your needs, interests, goals, medical concerns, or anything that is important to you.

YogiNest is not limited; everyone is welcome. Studios can be very overwhelming. At YogiNest we can help you build endurance, improve form, flexibility, confidence and build the  knowledge that you need to overcome your fears and protect you from self-doubt and injury. If you have a medical concern a studio setting could be impractical or even impossible. That should not mean that you cannot practice yoga and overcome the roadblocks that have been put in your way. At YogiNest we can help you break down these walls by catering each sessions to your specific ailment and find alternative methods that can help you achieve your goals. Advanced students can take their practice to another level with YogiNest. We can help you build your education, strengthen your current skillset or work on poses that you have yet to master. What about those tricky schedules? We all live in LA and know how hard it is to find those moments for ourselves. Between work, family, significant others and friends, how do we find the time for us? YogiNest accommodates your schedule. We make yoga easy.

YogiNest is for you. YogiNest is for everyone. Each of us have different body types, medical situations, challenges, goals, dreams and lifestyles. At YogiNest we get to know you, you become family and we help you achieve your goals by creating a flawless plan specifically for you.