Overcoming ⥈ A Healing Community

Welcome to Overcoming, a wellness series created by Jenna Taylor, the founder of The YogiNest.

⁠Overcoming is all about community. It’s about healing collectively. It’s about providing a safe, nonjudgmental, and inclusive space to discuss life’s everyday challenges openly. It will provide actionable, holistic, and alternative methods to help you cope with, manage, and overcome the obstacles that are currently keeping you from living your life to its fullest potential.⁠

⁠This series has been in the works for many years. It was built by piecing together 5 years of experience coaching individuals through long and short-term challenges, setting and achieving goals, and establishing self-improvement and personal development strategies and skills.⁠

⁠The two most important things I’ve learned as I’ve coached clients over the last 5 years are as follows:⁠

⁠1. No matter who you are, where you came from, or what your life story is, that story will undoubtedly include some kind of obstacle that you’ve had to overcome. ⁠ ⁠

⁠2. It’s easier to overcome life’s challenges & obstacles with the support of a qualified professional & a supportive community of people who care about you and understand what you’ve been through.⁠

That’s where we come in. Overcoming is the supportive community you’ve been searching for. We care about you and understand what you’re going through.

So, if you’re someone who struggles with stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic illness, chronic pain, mental illness, feeling stuck, self-confidence, insecurity, trauma, or any number of challenges that one might face short or long-term this is the community for you. ⁠

⁠We’re here to build each another up, to share our stories, to instill hope, to build resilience, to lean on one another, to end the silence around hard to talk about subjects, to stop stigmas that keep you stuck, and to provide actionable and non-invasive ways to break through your daily struggles and overcome challenges.⁠

⁠You’ve finally found the healing community you’ve been searching for and together we can and will overcome 🤍

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