Choosing The Right Exercise Plan For You

Did you guys know I have Lupus, I never talk about it so I wasn’t sure, lol 😂 Today I want to talk about my yoga/exercise experience while struggling with an inflammatory disease. Before we get started let me explain, my body is mad at me A LOT! I have built a very strong preventative medicine toolbox over the years & I feel better than ever but I’ve definitely struggled & still do from time to time. Throughout the years I’ve dealt with fighting kidney & pancreas failure, permanent muscle atrophy, chronic infections in my heart & lungs, confusion & memory loss, LOTS of body aches & pain & chronic inflammation in my entire body…to name a few things. Finding a form of exercise that doesn’t add to the physical & mental pain has been a STRUGGLE.  I can’t run, I can’t overheat, I can’t do anything high impact & let me tell you, yoga is not one-size-fits-all. 

It took a long time for me to test out a lot of different yoga styles & forms of exercise to find what works for me, so here’s my best advice…DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU & ONLY YOU! 

Block everything else out! I don’t care if someone else with Lupus can run, I can’t & it makes me feel like shit, so I don’t do it. Instead I do incline training. I can’t do Plyometrics, HIIT or CrossFit; but I can hike & do yoga & pilates. I can’t do hot yoga, but I can do all the Iyengar yoga I want. 

Everyone is different & we all need different things. I know there’s a lot of noise out there, lot’s of opinions, lot’s of advice, but I’m here to tell you, only my advice matters…just kidding, lol 😂 Jokes aside, all that matters is what feels good in your physical & mental body. Play with lots of different stuff, test it out, if you hate it & your body hates it move on to something else. I promise you’ll find something you love that also agrees with whatever “ailments” you’re dealing with, I did ❤️

This is a personal journey, don’t let anyone tell you any different. There are SO many choices to pick from, take some time to figure out what works for you & take care of the only body (home) you’ll ever have ❤️If yoga happens to be your #1 pick you should hire YogiNest to train you, I hear they’re the best… I had to 🤣

For the entire month of May I am offering new clients the opportunity to pay what you can for virtual coaching sessions in meditation, mindfulness, breathwork & yoga. Now more than ever we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves both physically & mentally. I’d love to help you through this incredibly hard time. You can sign up for your FREE consultation below. Be well & take care of each other ❤️

To book a private coaching session with Jenna you may fill out our contact form, call us at 323-849-0039 or shoot us an email at

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