Meditation Series: Healing Trauma Through Natural Elements – Part 4 – Earth


⁠This is the 4th & final part of the Healing Trauma Through Natural Elements series. This guided series is centered around healing trauma in a safe & healthy way as we channel earth’s natural elements. Today’s healing element is earth. Earth is about stability, strength & growth. It is here that you’ll find your footing & lay a solid foundation to rebuild your life & step back out into the world. This meditation will utilize visualization & sound healing. ⁠

⁠If you have not completed parts 1-3 of this series, where we focused on Air, Fire & Water as healing elements, I would highly suggest starting there first as these meditations connect to one another in order. ⁠

⁠I hope you enjoyed this trauma healing meditation series. Trauma healing is hard work, I know from personal experience, but you showed up and you did the work and I want you to take a moment to congratulate yourself for starting the healing process and completing this series.⁠

⁠Though these meditations connect to one another in order I would like to remind you that you can repeat these meditations as many times as you’d like. Naturally, there will be an element in this series that resonates more deeply with you than another. Trust that feeling and come back to it and any of the others in this series as many times as is necessary to help guide you on your healing journey.⁠

⁠Thank you for meditating with me! I thoroughly enjoyed creating this series and I can’t wait to create more meditations for you ✨

Listen to the meditation here.

⁠You can come back to these meditations for daily support on your healing journey.⁠ I can’t wait to meditate with you!

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Music: Kevin MacLeod⁠
Soundscape: BlueDelta⁠
Stock Photo: @outoforbit⁠

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