Guided Meditation For Grief & Trauma – Testimonial

Thank you, Beata ❤️⁠

⁠When we lose a human or pet that we care about deeply feelings of grief can be overwhelming, consuming & numbing. I believe the hole they leave in our lives never gets fully filled again, but I also believe that it becomes an important part of our journey & when we process our grief in a healthy way, at our pace, the hole that remains now glimmers with memories that we’ll cherish forever. Hopefully, those memory glimmers can once again bring us feelings of warmth, comfort, security, and happiness once we’ve processed our difficult feelings & emotions.⁠

⁠Guided meditations for trauma & grief can be incredibly challenging. The last thing you probably want to do is swim in your thoughts, feelings & emotions. I understand this & I understand it well. I ran from my challenging feelings for a long time, but all they did was grow stronger & stronger the longer I ignored them. At times the feelings I tried to avoid consumed me. What I eventually learned about meditation is that it had no expectations of me. There were no rules. It was a safe space for me to feel whatever I needed to feel in that moment. There was no judgment here, only a space to allow feelings to come and go as I healed and learned to be comfortable with not being comfortable. It was a space that allowed me to find peace within my grief. It was a space that eventually brought up uncomfortable feelings less and less and instead created space to reconnect with feelings that brought me happiness, comfort & release.⁠

⁠My hope is that you too can find comfort, healing, and emotional release 🙌🏽   ⁠

⁠Please reach out to a healthcare professional for support if your grief has become too much to handle & remember that you are not alone ❤️⁠

⁠You can listen to this meditation series on Insight Timer following this link.

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