How To Manage Stress In Healthy Ways

⁠Stress is an unavoidable fact of life. It’s part of the human condition. Uncertainties & an inability to fully control life events are something we all have to deal with. It’s not hard to get overwhelmed. In fact these days it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, worry, isolation & panic.⁠

⁠It’s imperative to cultivate inner resources for dealing with these feelings. I’m here to try to equip you with as many coping strategies for dealing with the aforementioned feelings & emotions as possible. ⁠

⁠One way to take more control of your stress is to track it & find coping mechanisms that work for you.⁠

You can start by making a list of 10 or more things in your life that produce feelings of stress & anxiety. List the stressor, then write a brief description next to the stressor. For example, if you said “Driving in LA,” your description could be, “the constant traffic & noise makes me feel claustrophobic.” Now rate this on a scale of 1-10. With 1 being very little stress & 10 being an extreme amount of stress. 

You’ll want to keep this list somewhere that you can come back to it roughly every 3 months or so. Set a calendar event so you can keep track of what stressors maybe disappeared (remove or lower rating), which ones intensified (adjust rating & coping mechanism), and add & rate new stressors that presented themselves (come up with a coping mechanism for new stressor).  

⁠You’ll need to find coping mechanism that work for you but here are some helpful suggestions; get outside, meditate, exercise, breathwork, therapy, journal, etc. I’ve also added some guided writing prompts you can consistently come back to help manage your stressors & track habitual patterns. 

For the entire month of May I am offering new clients the opportunity to pay what you can for virtual coaching sessions in meditation, mindfulness, breathwork & yoga. Now more than ever we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves both physically & mentally. I’d love to help you through this incredibly hard time. You can sign up for your FREE consultation below. Be well & take care of each other ❤️

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