They Are Survivors

This is for my fellow teachers, coaches, healers & guides. Food for thought, how can we serve our students, clients, & patients with more care, respect for what they’ve survived & gratitude that they chose us to guide them towards their goals? ⁠

⁠I read this in a book, regarding survivors of trauma, it’s unknown who said it, but it doesn’t make it less true 👇🏽⁠

⁠“They are survivors. If you don’t have respect for their strength, you can’t be of any help. It’s a privilege that they let you in – there’s no reason they should trust you, none. You can’t know their terror. It’s your worst nightmare come true, a nightmare from which you can never awaken. It’s unrelenting. There has been no safety: no one, no time, nothing – all was tainted. Hope was obliterated time and time again. That they are in our office is in itself a supreme act of valor.”⁠

⁠This sends chills down my spine for two reasons; I’m a survivor & can relate in ways I can’t fully put into words, and secondly, even though I’m not a therapist my clients still trust me with the darkest corners of their lives as they show up for themselves daily & commit to coaching sessions with me. ⁠

⁠Now more than ever our students & clients need us to show up for them, to give them a reason to trust us with the struggles they’ve survived & have yet to survive. It seems my clients are being given more things to survive daily; COVID, financial struggles & fears, potential homelessness & joblessness, racial divides, political pressure regarding how or how not to protect themselves & their families from this virus & the list goes on. All of these events are traumatic & some of these clients came to me with a goal to overcome a previous traumatic experience through coaching. The baggage continues to build 😔 ⁠

⁠Though it is not my job or yours to solve our students/clients problems, it is our job to listen, to have respect for them & what they’re going through, to hold space & provide actionable tools to keep them both physically & mentally healthy during their most trying times.⁠

⁠To my clients, past & present – I see you, I feel you, I respect you & the journey you’ve been on & I am forever grateful for you ❤️

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Yoga teacher in Los Angeles. Trying to change the lives of people around me.

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