Guided Meditation For Grief & Trauma – Testimonial

Thank you, Mel ❤️⁠

⁠Visualization & guided imagery can be great tools to help initiate the healing process. Visualization meditations help focus the mind on behaviors or events you’d like to implement or have occur in your life. This is another way to help connect the body and mind, which may have become disconnected due to the trauma you experienced.⁠

⁠Visualization meditations provide guided pictures, images, suggestions, and exploration. They might ask what you see, hear, smell, or taste. Allowing you time to fill in the blank. Think of it like a guided choose your own adventure book, do you remember those? They might suggest you see bright colors, feel warmth on your skin, that you’re walking through a field of beautiful flowers, etc. Exploration & images like this have the potential to change our emotions in a positive way & can even rewire the brain (neuroplasticity).⁠

⁠Visualization has been used to help people move past obstacles in their lives. It can also help you find relaxation, comfort & clarity. It can relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety & depression. Though it can be challenging & might take some time to get comfortable & familiar with, I can tell you that visualization meditations have helped me heal tremendously! I would definitely keep a journal nearby. It didn’t happen right away, but after some experience with meditations like this, I learned a lot about what my thoughts & feelings were trying to tell me. I would jot down words, colors, and physical/emotional sensations that came up for me. Major breakthroughs happened in my life because of visualization meditations. You can even share these notes with your therapist or psychologist if you think it might be helpful.⁠

⁠In conjunction with other professional therapies & treatments, visualization is another great integrative & holistic healing tool to add to your healing toolbox.   ⁠

Please reach out to a healthcare professional for support if your grief has become too much to handle & remember that you are not alone ❤️

⁠You can listen to this meditation series on Insight Timer following this link.

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