What Brings You Joy?

✨ Joy ✨⁠

⁠What are some little things that bring you joy?⁠

⁠This is a hard time of year for a lot of people, never mind all the stress that 2020 brought into our lives.⁠

⁠I don’t know what you’re going through right now & I don’t know how you’re feeling at this very moment, but I do know that stress is detrimental to our health, so we have to find ways to manage & live with it while we’re traversing the complicated parts of our life. Your happiness depends on it & so does your health. ⁠

⁠It may feel like there’s no way to escape the stressors that have been presented to you as of late & that may be true temporarily, but I’d like you to do this small little exercise for me as your trying to navigate your stressors. I want you to make a list of little things that bring you joy & then I want you to chip away at this list until you’ve checked everything off. Finding simple ways to inject happiness into your life can make a world of difference. Your feelings & emotions are valid & I know things are hard right now but this little exercise can help boost your mood and give you the energy you need to tackle life’s challenges. ⁠

⁠Every little joy on your list can be completely free. It can be done in your home away from other people. Or maybe it’s something you can do outside without interacting with others. Keep it simple, keep it small, keep it actionable, but make it personal to you & your unique needs. ⁠

⁠Here’s my list of little things that bring me joy ❤️⁠

🌱 Go for a long walk with Lily 🐶⁠
🌱 Meditate⁠
🌱 Read
🌱 Paint⁠
🌱 Make Christmas cookies & salt dough ornaments⁠
🌱 Watch Christmas movies⁠
🌱 Day trip/change of scenery
🌱 Game night with my boyfriend Neel
🌱 Finish my puzzle 🙄⁠
🌱 Write every day⁠
🌱 Connect with the people I love ❤️⁠

⁠I hope you’re well & I hope your struggles, whatever they might be, are coming to an end soon. I hope you can find simple ways to bring joy into your life when stress feels overwhelming & never-ending. Though these simple joys will not solve your problems hopefully they’ll make the journey a little easier.⁠

⁠Give it a try today 😘

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