Breathe – Part 2

This is your friendly reminder to do 2 things 👇🏽

⁠1. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling right now? What’s 1 simple thing you can do to take care of yourself today? ⁠

⁠2. Use this gif to breathe for 60 seconds. Follow your inhales & exhales, feeling the rise & fall of your breath beneath your hands & connect more deeply to your body. Notice your physical & mental body release & shift towards a state of relaxation.

⁠YogiNest is staying on theme as we work to create a breathwork series that’s simple but powerful, easy & actionable, and more importantly accessible to all.  ⁠

⁠This series was inspired by you, all of you who have reached out to me asking for quick & easy ways to relieve stress & anxiety, in a world that seems to get more & more complicated by the second. ⁠

⁠So today I want to highlight the way we breathe when we’re stressed or anxious 👇🏽 ⁠

⁠When we’re experiencing stress & anxiety our breath tends to live predominantly in our upper chest and is short and shallow. This is bad because it triggers the body to activate the “fight-or-flight” response, which puts your body into a state of hypervigilance, which can affect your immune system, quality of life, and overall well-being. ⁠

⁠So, I want you to breathe with this video. Place one hand on your lower belly, near your belly button, and one on your upper chest, near your collarbones. Breathe with the gif and see if you can breathe into the spaces beneath your hands, filling the whole space between your belly button and collarbones. Allow your breath to be slow and long. Feel the rise and fall of your breath beneath your hands and connect more deeply to your body. As you work on allowing your breath to be slower and longer you might also observe how your body feels when you shift from short, shallow breaths, to long, deep, slow breaths. ⁠

⁠〰️ Did you notice a shift in your physical body? Did you feel it release and relax?⁠

⁠〰️ Did you notice a shift in your thoughts & feelings? Did your thoughts slow down, even for a moment? Did your feelings become less heavy?⁠

⁠Save this video & come back to it any time you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or heavy. Breathe for 60 seconds & feel stress begin to melt away. ⁠

⁠Follow along as we continue to release more of our Breathwork Series Meditations.⁠

⁠⁠Your mental health coach,⁠

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Video: @cheneymediaproductions
Music @greyroom510

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