The Gift Of Rest – Why Rest Is Best For Productivity

Does this sound like you 👇🏽⁠

⁠”I can’t slow down. If I slow down nothing will get done. I’m tired, stressed & burnt out but I have to keep moving!” ⁠

⁠What if the most productive thing you could do for yourself was to give yourself the gift of rest 🍃⁠

⁠”But Jenna, I can’t afford to carve out time for rest & relaxation, I’m too busy!” ⁠

⁠Okay, but I’d argue that you can’t afford NOT to or you’ll surely burnout 🔥😩⁠

⁠We don’t have endless energy, we need rest! Working around the clock, lack of work-life balance, skipping meals & denying ourselves extracurricular happiness will cause burnout. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Allowing work & rest to become allies leads to better productivity.⁠

⁠I know from experience that if we subject ourselves to constant productivity our bodies will force us to stop! Typically they’ll do this by causing mental and/or physical breakdown & illness 💔⁠

⁠So, here’s my challenge for you, let’s start small & simple. I’d like for you to set non-negotiable restorative rest goals. This is time dedicated to “turning off your brain,” let’s call it shifting brain gears 👇🏽 ⁠

⁠🔆 Find 3-10 minutes daily to do something you find relaxing. ⁠
🔆 Keep a running list of things that quickly & easily help you find a state of deep relaxation; breathwork, meditation, gentle movement, sitting outside or by a window, journaling, short walk, listening to music, power nap, watching the clouds roll by, etc. 🌤⁠
🔆 Now schedule it! Doing it at roughly the same time every day will help you build a strong routine. Put it on your calendar & set a timer to go off. Block out an uninterrupted amount of time that you know you’ll have available, even if it’s only a few minutes… it’s better than nothing 👍🏽 ⁠

⁠…and that’s it! I do this with my clients & I do it in my personal life as well & I promise you IT WORKS! It’s a tiny little recharge for your brain & body. It boosts your mood & will help you be more productive, focused, efficient, creative, positive, motivated, inspired & so much more.⁠

⁠A rested mind & body will improve all aspects of your life.  ⁠

⁠Give it a try 😘⁠

Your mental health coach,⁠

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