Breathe – Part 3

Breathe with me 😊⁠

Breathe slowly in & out as you scan your body from the top of your head, down to your toes. Allow your face, eyes, jaw, neck & shoulders to relax. Focus on the rhythm of your breath by placing one hand on your belly & one on your chest.⁠

⁠Without judgment or trying to change anything take note of any physical & emotional sensations. ⁠

⁠I call this a personal inventory check-in. Use this time to find relief from stress & anxiety. To reflect & determine what you need more or less of day-to-day in order to improve your overall wellbeing. ⁠

⁠As I’ve been rolling out our Breathwork Meditation Series one question keeps coming up👇🏽⁠

⁠“How can I create a daily breathwork routine?”⁠

⁠I’m glad you asked because breathwork is one of the most accessible, simple & actionable healing tools & the health benefits are abundant 🙌🏽 ⁠

⁠Check out the tips I share with my clients to help them build a daily breathwork routine👇🏽⁠

⁠〰️ Download a free meditation app like Insight Timer so you have access to high-quality guided meditations. ⁠

〰️ Keep it simple. Use beginner meditations & stick to 3-5 minutes to start.⁠

〰️ Be patient & trust yourself. It takes time to build a breathwork habit. It will get easier the more you practice. Find breathing exercises that feel good in YOUR body. What works for someone else might not work for you.⁠

〰️ Schedule it! Put it on your calendar & set a timer to go off at the same time every day. Find 3-5 minutes of uninterrupted free time & fill it with your daily breathwork check-in. ⁠

〰️ Routine! You brush your teeth every day, drink water, eat, etc., it’s part of your routine. Why not add 3-5 minutes that allow you to build a healthier relationship with yourself? ⁠

〰️  Do this 👆🏽 by picking roughly the same time, location & maybe even the same meditation every day, at least until you’ve built a stronger routine. ⁠

〰️ Don’t worry about “doing it wrong.” There’s no such thing as perfect. You’ll always be a student. JUST DO IT 😘         ⁠

⁠Come back to this video anytime you need to quickly reduce stress & anxiety & give us a follow if you aren’t already to learn more about breathwork.⁠

⁠Your mental health coach,⁠

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📽 Video: @enginakyurt
🎶 Music: @nightimegallagher

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Yoga teacher in Los Angeles. Trying to change the lives of people around me.

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