Lovely To Meet You!

It’s been a while & things are changing, so let’s get reacquainted 😉

My name is Jenna & I started YogiNest 5 years ago. 

Prior to this, I worked as an executive assistant at a large corporation. I was also going to college full-time. I wanted to work with animals in some capacity, so I was exploring animal sciences. 

As most of you know, I became very ill & was diagnosed with Lupus. I had to drop out of college & I was put on permanent disability, which meant I also lost my job.

Only one problem, I’m not good at doing nothing 😂 Disability was TORTURE, so I channeled my energy into learning everything I could about Lupus & I put myself in remission 🤗 Which inspired me to start YogiNest so I could help others. 

Fast forward 5 years & YogiNest is changing once again. It changes as I change. It changes as I learn more about myself through my own practice & personal development. It changes as I learn more about my clients, what they need, and what they’re looking for as I coach them day in and day out, year after year. 

My most recent health struggles have changed me yet again. They’ve shined a light not only on my skillset & knowledge but also on the ever-evolving need of those who are struggling with chronic health issues & repeated traumas. 

I’m excited about the organic evolution of YogiNest, of how much I’ve grown & learned over the last 5 years, of how much my clients have taught me, and I’ve taken all that information & developed two new wellness series that I’ll be launching soon 🤗

I don’t want to give too much away but I can tell you this, the new series will 👇🏽

🙌🏽 Hold space & provide a safe community for those who are struggling with chronic health issues & trauma.

🙌🏽 Be authentic & vulnerable. I’ll do my best to give chronic illness & trauma a voice & the platform it deserves without judgment & stigma. 

🙌🏽 Provide actionable tools & content to help you navigate the challenges that illness and trauma manifest.

🙌🏽 Share real-life knowledge, experience, and solutions relating to chronic illness & trauma.

🙌🏽 Be inclusive – All are welcome and encouraged to join our community and conversation ❤️

Stay tuned – XO

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Yoga teacher in Los Angeles. Trying to change the lives of people around me.

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