My pandemic do’s & don’ts… What are yours?

In addition to limiting the amount of negative news I digest & keeping track of what I’m grateful for, I’m also keeping a list of promises I’ve made to myself during this challenging time. I look at this list EVERY DAY! It’s there to remind me what my do’s & don’ts are while traversing the ups & downs of this pandemic. What do’s & don’ts have you implemented to keep yourself physically & mentally healthy during COVID? Let me know in the comments👇🏽Here’s my list ❤️⁠⠀
👍🏽 Move your body for a minimum of 10 minutes per day⁠⠀
👍🏽 Continue to eat healthy⁠⠀
👍🏽Stay in touch with friends & family – Especially those who are living alone⁠⠀
👍🏽 At least 1 mindfulness exercise per day for a minimum of 10 minutes – Breathwork, meditation, etc.⁠⠀
👍🏽 Keep your brain active; read, puzzles, draw, play games, etc.⁠⠀
👍🏽 Brain dump every morning & every night before you go to bed – This is basically just stream of conscious writing in my journal – I set a timer for 3-5 minutes depending on how much time I have and I don’t stop waiting until the timer goes off⁠⠀
👍🏽 Get ready @ least 3 days per week – I do my hair and makeup like I’m going out & it feels SO good! It’s all about mindset!⁠⠀
👍🏽 Get outside!⁠⠀
👍🏽 Think about what you’re most looking forward to when this is over ⁠⠀
🚫 Over do it with news⁠⠀
🚫 Get lazy⁠⠀
🚫 Forget there are ways to be social without being physically social – Houseparty, Zoom, etc.⁠⠀
🚫 Eat like crap ⁠⠀
🚫 Find yourself in a web of complaints & feeling sorry for yourself. You’re luckier than most! ⁠⠀
🚫 But also, don’t shove your feelings down either – It’s okay to not be okay – Just don’t allow yourself to live there for too long⁠⠀
🚫 Forget about your practice – Continue to do yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness ⁠⠀
🚫 Focus only on the bad things that are happening⁠⠀
🚫 Develop bad habits – Mainly don’t be a couch potato⁠⠀
🚫 Smother your boyfriend or your pets, lol :)⁠

For the entire month of April I am offering new clients the opportunity to pay what you can for virtual coaching sessions in meditation, mindfulness, breathwork & yoga. Now more than ever we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves both physically & mentally. I’d love to help you through this incredibly hard time. You can sign up for your FREE consultation below. Be well & take care of each other ❤️

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