Make Fear Your Ally

How are you managing fear during ever-changing global events?⠀

A long time ago I received great advice about fear. It went something like this:⠀

Fear is part of the human condition. It will never go away. So what if instead of allowing fear to control you, you invited it to join your life experience?⠀

What I gathered from this advice is that fear could become your ally!

Add that advice to what mindfulness teaches you about fear & you get something that looks like this: ⠀

We need fear, it keeps us safe when we’re in physical danger, but more often than not our experience with fear is self-created. You may fear public speaking, showing your true feelings, failure, etc., but these feelings don’t put your life in danger, so how can we manage them? Fear breeds insecurity & self-doubt, which can lead to stress, which can lead to lower immunity & more, so it’s imperative that we learn how to live with fear in a more harmonious way. What if we could turn fear into an ally that would allow us to become more courageous & fearless. When we become more mindful about our fears we also become more centered, focused & relaxed, no matter what stands before us. So how can we do this? Let me walk you through my process: ⠀

Fear arises 👀
I notice it, see it, name it; “I’m afraid I’ll get sick.”⠀
I take a moment to think about how realistic this fear is. Do I have a high probability of getting sick? After considering the variables the answer is no. I haven’t left the house in weeks or come into contact with anyone that could be sick. As long as I stay home & keep social distancing my chances of getting sick are very low.⠀
I’ve taken control back. ⠀
I’m thankful that fear tries to keep me safe, but know that in this situation that sense of fear was brought on by an overwhelming amount of negative news that creates fear that doesn’t serve me.

You can apply this same process to any fear that comes up for you, fill in the blank & repeat🙌🏽 ⠀

Mindfulness allows you to see fear as a passing experience that you actually have a great amount of control over. Acknowledge your fear, name it, take it by the hand & allow it to become your ally. Give it a try this week ❤️

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