Making Mental Health A Priority

Social media has always felt very foreign to me. That should come as no surprise to those of you who know me well or have heard me talk about it here 100 times 😂

Right now it feels even more foreign. I come on, I post & immediately feel like there are more pressing matters in the world. Because there are! There are lots of important hard to digest things happening every day.

When I come here to post about yoga, mindfulness, or meditation, all I can think about is how I want to be out there getting my hands dirty & making a difference in the world.

What I realized is that all I need are breaks from social media. The things I post about are incredibly valuable tools to help support physical & mental health & those things are important too, especially now. 

I’ve learned that balance is key for me. I create content when it feels safe. I create content when I feel inspired. Then I post for a while & when it starts feeling detrimental to my mental health I walk away. Then I go out into the real world & get my hands dirty trying to be the best human I can be for a world that feels like it’s crumbling & falling apart. 

The lesson I learned is that it’s not black & white. Posting or not posting. Helping or not helping. Being informed or not being informed. Being of value or not being of value. Just because I shift my focus between these things & more doesn’t mean I don’t care about my business, what I’m doing, or pressing matters in the world. It means I’m making my mental health a priority. I make time to recharge, to step away from the news, away from my phone, from social media, and then I go back out into the world a healthier, happier person for myself & those around me.

Mental health is HARD right now, especially if you’re an empath & you feel every emotion & feeling that the world around you is feeling. If you allow it to weigh you down it will destroy you & you’re better than that, you’re stronger than that & you’re better for those around you when you make your mental health a priority. 

Mental health over everything else, always. Walk away from whatever you need to walk away from, recharge & come back stronger than ever ❤️

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