How Has The Pandemic Impacted Your Life?

“How has the pandemic affected your business?”

People have been asking me this nonstop since March, so I’ve had a lot of time to think of my answer, but my answer isn’t just about work. If I had to reframe the question it would look more like this:

“How has the pandemic impacted your life?”

Here’s what I’ve learned in my short time on this planet, some of the most transformational times in my life have followed some of the darkest times in my life.

When I say Lupus was the best thing that happened to me people look at me like I have 20 heads, lol 😂 but it’s true. Some of the most painful, traumatic times in my life have been some of the most important experiences in my life & I believe they needed to happen in order for me to grow. 

The pandemic is no exception. It forced me to sit down with my baggage & figure out what to take with me & what to leave behind. This forced time of contemplation has been yet another growth spurt born from a time that was far from perfect, stress-free & certain.

It forced me to sit down & take stock of what makes me happy, fulfilled & who I am. It forced me to put it all on the table, the beautiful & messy parts of my life. It forced me to see not only my morals & values but those of the people I’ve chosen to surround myself with & to reconsider who I allow to share this precious life with. It forced me to face my health issues & how well I practice what I preach.

It reminded me that life is precious & can change in an instant. That none of us are promised tomorrow & to never take the little things for granted, nor the people in my life that I care the most for. That my “bag” was actually quite heavy & there were a lot of things I was filing away in the, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” compartment in my brain & never actually getting to it tomorrow, or the next week, month, or even year 😲 

It gave me an opportunity to clearly see what I needed to part ways with, what still needed some TLC & what I want my life to look like going forward.

So now my question for you…

How has the pandemic impacted your life? What will you take with you & what will you leave behind so you can carry your “bag” to the best of your ability?

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