The Healing Effect Of Mindful Self-Compassion

I need you to hear this 👇🏽

❤️ Perfection doesn’t exist
❤️ It’s normal to not feel okay all of the time
❤️ Having negative thoughts doesn’t mean you’re broken
❤️ Having negative thoughts doesn’t mean they’re going to happen 
❤️ Healing isn’t linear
❤️ The grass isn’t always greener on the other side
❤️ What’s working for someone else might not work for you
❤️ You’re not alone

Mindful self-compassion allows you to acknowledge & understand feelings (feeling it doesn’t mean it’s true, they’re just feelings) of failure, suffering, inadequacies, loss, etc. without harsh judgments & incessant negative self-talk.  

It’s about extending the same kindness towards ourselves that we would to a loved one in distress 🙌🏽

When self-animosity takes control try this 👇🏽

〰️ Stop to acknowledge that you’re having a hard time & that you’re experiencing uncomfortable feelings & emotions – Acknowledge, as you would for a friend, that this is normal & it’s okay.
〰️ Understand that this is part of the human condition. There’s nothing wrong with you because you’re having a bad day. Just like there’s nothing wrong with your loved ones when they have a bad day. They just need time & support, which is probably what you need. Know that you are not alone.
〰️ Work through it. 

How can I work through it?

🌻 Personal check-in journal: Write about what caused you to feel this way & describe what it feels like in your physical & mental body; sadness, frustration, short/shallow breathing, fatigue, etc.
🌻 Respond to yourself like you would a friend, you can write this in your journal as well. What would you say to them? Now say it to yourself.
🌻 Engage in something that brings you happiness.
🌻 Get support from someone you trust. 

If you continue to work on this it will get easier to see that things don’t always work out the way you thought or wanted them to, it’s okay to not be okay, bad days are normal, we will make mistakes, we will experience suffering & loss, but we will also experience success & happiness. 

The moment you can accept & embrace your humanness is the moment great freedom & happiness will become yours 😘

Your mental health coach,

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