A Fresh New Perspective

It’s been so nice not creating content the last few weeks, and enjoying time away from social media. Enjoying time celebrating my birthday in Joshua Tree with Neel & Lily. Sitting on the deck at the Airbnb with my feet in the pool, just staring out into the desert, reflecting on all that’s happened in the last few years.⁠

⁠It’s been a whirlwind, for all of us, for so many different reasons.⁠

⁠In my last few posts, I opened up about the health struggles I’ve been dealing with over the last 2 years. Though it felt good to finally open up, I also found it to be over-stimulating. This is nothing new for me. I’ve learned that my love-hate relationship with social media is a combination of deep connection to a community I’d otherwise not know if it weren’t for social media, and yearning for a time when social media didn’t exist. It’s a  mixed bag of emotions.⁠

⁠That being said, my little break from social media and time off-the-grid reminded me why I shared about my health struggles to begin with. It reminded me of what YogiNest means to me and what I hope it will continue to provide for others.⁠

⁠I’ve come back with a fresh new perspective, and I’m looking forward to committing more time to serve a community of people who have organically shaped YogiNest from what it was 5 years ago to what it’s turning into today. I’m looking forward to sharing all the new things I’ve been working on with you soon. I’ve been moving at a much slower pace as I continue to struggle with my health so things will roll out much more slowly than before, but stay tuned, I have much in store ❤️ 

To book a private coaching session with Jenna you may fill out our contact form, call us at 323-849-0039 or shoot us an email at jenna@yoginest.com

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Yoga teacher in Los Angeles. Trying to change the lives of people around me.

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